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Love Resume. It May Be Time To Update Yours!

I recently listened to a motivational message by Shanel Cooper-Sykes.  One of the topics of discussion was “love resumes”. We are looking for Mr. or Ms. Right, but don’t consider whether WE are Mr. or Ms. Right. We could very well be Mr. or Ms. Alright. No one wants to settle for alright! Are you a man 100lbs over weight, but can’t even smile at a woman who is over a size 5? Have you been struggling through a two year college for 10 years, yet insist on only dating a doctor or lawyer? If that’s you, get it together! Now! We really need to take a good look at ourselves. Who am I? What do I have to offer? What am I bringing to the table?

Try making a list. If the top three things on your list are:

I’m very attractive
Amazing in bed
I drive a Benz

You really need to reevaluate your list. IJS. What do you want to portray to the one you’re looking for? What’s the image you want to give off? If it’s just the three things I mentioned, in 10 years when your looks start to fade, you need Viagra, and drive a minivan, your relationship might end up in trouble.

I wrote one. For those who know me, know I’m pretty great… toot toot lol. For those who don’t here goes in no particular or:

Intelligent                                                                Independent
Masters Degree                                                      Financially Responsible/Stable
Family Oriented                                                    Compassionate
Beautiful                                                                   Caring
No Children/Never Married                            Loving
Hard Worker                                                           Honest
Home Owner                                                           Dependable
Talented                                                                    Funny

So everyone write a love resume. You may find… Hey, I guess I’m not the next best thing since sliced bread or Hey, I’m pretty excellent, the world aint ready for me!

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