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Dating with EB

Hi everyone, long time no write. I’ve been preoccupied or as one of my friend’s would say, lazy. I’m not saying that agree with his calling me lazy, but ehhhh it’s not worth the energy to argue. My energy has been focused on working, social life, family, and ohhh dating. I went to a comedy show recently and the comic, whose name I forget although he was hilarious, said dating after 30 is like shopping on Black Friday when it’s nearly over. All of the good stuff is gone and what’s left has been picked over. Even if you do find something good; you get it home and learn that it’s broken 🙂

I try not to complain too much about dating, notice I said try, the struggle is real. I do meet men fairly often, and at this point it’s a numbers game. I figure I’m healthy, smart, attractive, blah, blah, blah all those good qualities a man would want. Right? Right. In my heart, I have no doubt that I will fall in love again eventually. I do have a friend, however, who is not so sure.

Dating with a disease or disability must be a challenge; hell it’s hard as shit as a healthy person. I have a male friend who has Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) and recently started online dating. EB is a genetic disease that causes blisters on the skin and mucosal membranes (Google for more deets). His mom has been nagging him for YEARS to get married. He is from India and two steps away from having his ass arranged if he doesn’t get a move on. So he’s taking action. He’s created a profile and in his about me mentions his disease… being up front and honest I see. I suppose he shouldn’t hide it; it’s a major part of his life.

He found that he isn’t have much luck and believes that if a woman can have a healthy man, why would they want him. My heart goes out to him. He said whenever a woman reaches out to him, he first tells her about the disease and advises her to Google it. My first thought was, WTF would you do that for?! Don’t give her an excuse to discount you especially if it’s already mentioned on your profile. Her bad for glossing over, j/k. She obviously saw whatever she saw, was interested, and reached out to him. Now here he goes and tells her, proceed with caution, read the fine print, and get back to me. After she Googles it or not, who knows, he never hears from her again.

As a woman I can only imagine how hard it would be to start a relationship with a man that has a medical condition. I would think it would be emotionally draining and expensive, but that doesn’t mean that another woman would not be strong enough or willing to handle it. Maybe my friend should have a conversation with the interested woman and see where it goes and allow her to ask questions. Give her a chance to get to know him outside of his disease and not give her an excuse to dash after initial contact.

Other than my friend constantly calling me lazy, he’s a good guy and quit funny. He was born not expected to leave the hospital alive and is now in his 30s. He’s a survivor. He has a good job, is working towards his Master’s, and lives a rewarding life. Why not meet someone with the same condition, you wonder. His condition is genetic and probably isn’t a good idea. I suppose if they never want to procreate, it may be an excellent idea. They will understand each other’s struggle and be wonderful companions.

I wish my buddy the best of luck on his dating journey. Hell, with my luck he’ll probably be married before me. I have always wanted to go to an Indian wedding, I hear they are awesome parties that last for days!!!


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