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My Stance on the Fast Food War

First, I want to say rest in peace to Nelson Mandela, a very courageous man who’s contributions will never be forgotten.

Now, I’ve never used my blog to discuss social issues, but this is my blog and I can do what I want.

As we all know, fast food workers have been striking to get higher wages. Apparently $15 a hour… Although I can’t speak for the whole world, it seems the general consensus is they do not deserve $15. I can agree $15 may be a bit much for the high school kid who shakes the fry basket, but minimum wage is not going to cut it.

Fast food chains are a billion dollar industry and there is no reason why their employees are not paid a fair and competitive wage. Do you know why these chains don’t pay the employees a decent wage? Let me tell you, because they don’t have to!! Plain and simple!!

For those of you who say McDonalds is a job for high school kids, news flash, high school kids can’t run an establishment. Would you eat at a restaurant that was run by teenagers? To all my working professionals, when you drive up for your sausage and egg McMuffin before you head to your office job do you think it’s a kid at the speaker? Hell no, they are in class!!

Then some say, “go get a $15 a hour job.” Don’t you think they would if they could?! Who the hell wants to work at a minimum wage job if they don’t have to!?

So you say management gets more… Yeah ok, more than minimum wage!! I didn’t take the time to look up the salary of a manager nor do I intend to because quite frankly that isn’t the issue. The issue is that thousands of employees, adults, who are making an honest living serving the public can’t afford to support themselves. Think people… they could say F*** this job and just come rob you and get money that way!!! Most times you make it; one time you wont!

People can’t complain about the girl behind the counter with the bad attitude, she isn’t paid enough to care. You get what you pay for!!! If franchise owners and the C Suite want their employees to give high quality service to the consumers that are making them rich, pay them to!

To those who say, they don’t have a college education.” Everyone can’t have a college education and not just due to disparity… if everyone had a college degree a degree wouldn’t mean anything. Shoot, other than the people that I went to college with, many people that I know and work with never stepped foot in a college… and those that did go to college surely didn’t finish. I say that to say, college is great, but clearly it isn’t everything. When I started with the bank, I was telling my new manager that I was working on my Masters and she revealed that she only had a high school diploma.

Education aside, working in fast food can be a trap. Someone may start to work in fast food with the attempt to find something better, maybe customer service, choices are limited, and life gets in the way. Here is where the cycle begins, they have children who also end up being uneducated and unskilled. Why? Well, poor people live in poor neighborhoods, who get a poor education, and who wind up in… you guessed it low wage paying jobs. These people are at poverty level and will likely stay for generations.

Maybe they should’ve made better choices? My uneducated manager is doing fine… sometimes it takes getting a hand. Without education you have few paths, fast food, retail, grocery stores, call centers… the first three are minimum wage.  Oh you can also go the illegal path and be ballin’ til you end up in prison. Prison sucks, but you have shelter, cable, three meals a day…

I’m not naïve, I know that if wages are increased prices get increased. I would be willing to pay more for LOW quality food that will likely kill me!! I also realize that an increase in their wages will also mean that everyone else’s wages are going to need to increase. You can’t have CNA’s making less that fast food employees.  The cost of living will likely increase and then the fast food employees will be right back where they started.

I’m not sure of the solution, but I tell you this. I can’t eat at establishments where my food is handled by disgruntled employees. I’m sure we’ve all seen the gross YouTube videos of what goes on!

I could rant on forever, just had to get that out. My humble opinion.


Dating Questions: What to do!?!

Hello friends, I hope you have been enjoying your week!!

I have to first share something that happened to my friend earlier this week at McDonalds. My friend went through the drive thru and ordered a soda with NO ICE. I forget what else she ordered, but that’s not important. She gets to the window and the manager hands her the drink and it has ice. So my friend politely tells the manager, I wanted it with no ice. The manager says no problem… Here comes the problem… The manager removes the cap from the soda and gets another cup. She places her hand over the opening of the cup and proceeds to strain the soda through her fingers into the next cup!!!!! My friend asks the manager what she is doing. The manager responds, you said no ice. ROTFLMAO!!!!

I thought that was too funny and disturbing not to share!

Today, I want to talk about dating. I haven’t actively dated in SIX years.  I was with my ex for four and these last two years, well… I’ve been interested in a couple of people, but it quickly fizzled, like one date fizzled.  So I have a few questions now that I’m back on the scene.

1. How many people do you date at a time? Do you tell the person you’re dating, that you’re dating other people? Do you ask if they are dating other people? I find this to be the most confusing. On the one hand, you can date who you want because there is no commitment. Then you naturally start to spend more time with one person and the others start to fade out of the picture. I guess…. but… what if the person you are dating isn’t dating anyone else? Wont it hurt their feelings to find out you’re dating other people? More importantly, will it hurt my feelings to find out HE IS dating other people? I’m kinda fragile! What if more than one of the people you are dating starts to develop feelings? I’m not that good at breaking hearts! Well unless you tick me off.

2. As a woman, when should you start to contribute towards dates? I’ve gone out on a couple dates with the Traveler and he’s paid for them all, should I at least offer? I’m going to offer. It’s only right to offer. Will that start a trend? Will he expect me to always pay? I asked a male acquaintance when a woman should start to pay for dates, he said with him, never. Good answer!!

3. When do you start talking about where “this” is going? I’m no spring chicken. I don’t have six or more months to waste to find out; hey I don’t want anything serious. I’m trying to be a go with the flow type of girl, but I like to swim, it gets you there faster. Sometimes if you just go with the flow and drift with the current, you wind up someplace you don’t want to be. Then you have to take time to find your way back. I don’t have time for that! I also don’t want to be that girl who goes on a few good dates and wants to have your baby. That’s awkward! Sigh, this is so complex.

4. When should you bring someone around your family or friends? My brothers, well one in particular, seem to think it’s the same day I say hello. I can’t really trust them though; I think they just wanna make jokes and pester me! I don’t think I can have just anybody come over. That’s a lot of pressure! Maybe if someone successfully makes it to the six month point, I’ll bring them around.

Those are my most pressing questions. Help a girl out!!



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