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Give Dough Boy A Chance!!??

You Incomplete MeHi everyone, I hope you had an amazing weekend. I sure did!

Today, I want to talk about a dilemma a friend of mine is having. My friend, Strawberry Mary, is single and ready to mingle. She tried online dating and met a few men, but nothing really came out of it. She said she is done with online dating, but also can’t seem to meet anyone in the real world.

She recently told me that she has a male friend, we’ll call him Dough Boy, which she has known for about 10 years. He has recently come back into her life and expressed an interest in pursuing a relationship with her. He is an attractive man, who seems to have himself together… Here is the dilemma… She feels there is no spark between them.

See Strawberry Mary has a type… she wants a man who is hard, not in a bitch where’s my dinner kinda way, but in a manly man alpha male kinda way. She thinks Dough Boy is too soft for her. She gave me two examples of what classifies him as soft; he cuts his shrimp and he cuts his corn off the cobb… sooooo… One of my other friends said that he may have had braces which is why he doesn’t bite into things! I think Strawberry Mary is just nitpicking… You know when you don’t like someone and EVERYTHING they do it annoys you? OMG stop breathing so hard and sucking up all the air!! I think it’s one of those situations.

I think that she may need to step outside of her box. Try something new. It’s clear he has feelings for her. No, he may not be the alpha male of the year, but he may be a good man who will treat her with respect unlike some of the last fellas. Sometimes when you stray from your “type” you get the best relationships. I think that she should spend time with him and be open to the potential of what if… she may be pleasantly surprised. She could be the Yin to his Yang. No point in having two alphas in a relationship. It’s not like he cries at Publix commercials or anything! I definitely don’t think she should settle or attempt to force anything, that wouldn’t be fair to either one of them, but what’s wrong with giving it a chance? A Fair Chance!

I don’ know, that’s my two cents. What do you guys think? Should she give him a chance?

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