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11 Ways to Be Happier!!!

Hey everyone, I hope that you have been having a great week.

This year is going by soooo fast! We are nearly to the halfway mark and I’ve fallen off of most of my New Year’s Resolutions :-(! I’ve been to the gym a handful of times and worked out maybe one or two of those time. Oh I did buy Rocking Body; that counts for something!! I have stuck to the resolutions to cut back on spending money at work and eating out all the time, but that may be because the café at work literally makes me sick and my student loans are cutting into my leisure fund! Damn expensive ass education!!

All in all, I’m doing alright and I am pretty happy. I read an article, “11 Ways to Be Happier This Year”, it gave some helpful tips for when the happiness number dips…

1. Raise your default happiness level – Mine is generally between 7 and 8; I’m looking to be a 9.5!!! I figure 10 would be too much to ask for…
2. Make happy friends – I believe I’m the happy friend and I’m at my friend max… so… this wont work for me.
3. Spend more times on relationships – I think I’m pretty good at this, which is why I can’t add any more friends… don’t wanna get spread too thin lol
4. Have more sex with your spouse – This sounds like a good one… I’m working on it lol
5. Be grateful – I can definitely admit that I have a blessed life!
6. Be generous – Does this count? My sister just bullied me into donating to some cause she didn’t even explain that somehow involves my nephews daycare… my nieces and nephews always hitting me up for some sort of fundraiser… I need kids to balance this out… I’d also give more if I didn’t have to repay my student loans! Maybe I should get a doctorate, I was just talking about this at lunch…
7. Focus on security, not money – Easier said than done.
8. Spend on experiences rather than objects – Living social has been a great aide with this, those who don’t have it, GET IT!
9. Take some R&R – Get plenty of that, I don’t need an excuse to vacation! I ♥ NY
10. Go back to nature – If it’s not the beach, I can’t appreciate nature, too many bugs!!
11. Try therapy – Ehh between my one semester of psychology and Dr. Phil, I think I got it under control lmao. Y’all can come see me for some advice!


I’m not really sure what needs to happen to boost my happiness level, maybe it’s unreasonable to ask to be a 9.5. I am happy with my 8 for now and will work on boosting it on those rainy days. Everyone check out the article, it’s pretty interesting.



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