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E-Dating 101: 5 Hillarious Lessons I Have Learned

Some people think online dating is taboo and for the desperate. Are there desperate people online? Yes. Are there desperate people offline? Yes. We’ve all met that old man in the club with the white suite, dusty hat, and 1970s pick up lines. How do you respond? I’m sorry sir, I thought you were my father’s friend lmao!! To the person reading my blog RIGHT NOW, who has an online dating profile and is too embarrassed to admit it.  Are you desperate? Maybe. I don’t know you, so I can’t say :grin:. No, seriously, you’re not, your just trying a different venue to meet people. I say all of that to say, online dating is popular and made up of a diverse population. Paul Brunson wrote an article that states, one out of every five marriages start online and one out of every six relationships start online.

Now I will admit my online dating experience has been interesting to say the least. These are the top five things I have learned about online dating.

  1. Wit yo sexy ass is synonymous with… hello, you are quite attractive…
  2. It’s ok for men to pose topless, regardless to if they are washboard or potbellied…
  3. It’s acceptable to use outdated photos, at least six years or more, and say, “yeah that’s me” – I hate that!!
  4. No one actually READS the profile, hence why people put old pictures of when they looked their best. Could be worse. Could be a Catfish situation!
  5. Grammar and its general principles are not considered when writing the profile that no one reads!! It’s a’ight to spel lik dis, its all gud!

I’ve actually met a few people from online, offline. Three people, I’ll call them… the emotional poet, the friend closet shopper, and the guy my brothers have jerkily nicknamed LM. I will not share what LM means, I can’t perpetuate the nonsense. Gotta love older brothers, sigh!! Nothing has come of these, but I’m open and intend to blog about my future experiences.

One tip for the ladies. This is something that I struggled with. No matter how gorgeous you are or think you are, no matter how far out of the “average” man’s league you believe yourself to be, you will get flirts and messages from the old guys with four teeth. Don’t allow that to hurt yourself esteem lmao!!

So tell me, what are you online experiences? I know you have some!! Any love matches out there? Leave a comment and let us know.


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