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Meal Prepping

I will admit that I am the absolute worst at meal prepping.  My thing is, how am I supposed to know what I want to eat on Wednesday on Sunday when I prep? 

Next week I am going to make a conscious effort to plan my meals for the week. That will include me grocery shopping and cooking several days, which are two chores I don’t love.  

I saw this post on Facebook and figured it’s time to respect my body with healthy choices if I want to have a healthy life. 


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4 thoughts on “Meal Prepping

  1. Healthy eating is vital to keep your temple in top fit condition. I picked up a smoking habit years ago, but stipped cold turkey and I’m 2 months strong without any cancer sticks! We have to treat our bodies like its the only one we have…well.. Because it is!

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  2. I love the way you have described this. That eating healthy is self respect. I need to start eating better and respecting myself more in that way. Thanks for the inspiration! Happy I found your blog on the meet and greet!😊

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