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What do you do when you feel like your husband is not “masculine” enough?lazy-2
I don’t typically like to subscribe to gender roles, but for the purpose of this discussion the definition of masculinity is… having qualities traditionally ascribed to men, as strength and boldness. A man that isn’t afraid of a little grit and can do some repairs around the house.
I met a woman who is newly wed and currently facing a challenge with her husband. She said she doesn’t find him to be masculine enough and it’s affecting her relationship with him.  Side note* This people is why don’t like to sit at the community table in restaurants; everyone seems to think they can talk to me, just kidding.  I guess I have one of those faces.
So your first thought may be, did she not realize his lack of “masculinity” prior to marrying him? I’m not sure, it sounded to me like they had a long distance relationship prior to being married. She gave me the impression that they did not spend much of their dating time in the same location. That’s not ideal, but not extremely unusual, some people don’t shack up until married. Now that they share a life and a home his laziness, if I may call it that, is coming to light.
Why is she feeling this way? She said, her last boyfriend was a “manly man.” He was the fix shit when it was broken, dirt under his nails, ability to solve a problem, alpha male man. Her husband is apparently the, I’m going to go upstairs to finish my TV show because the repair man’s talking is killing the climatic scene of Luke Cage type.  I can see how that would be frustrating. Going from one man who will fix the broken dishwasher to a man who wont even greet and listen to the repair man is quite a contrast. All she is asking is for her husband to do some stuff around the house; pick up a screwdriver every now and again. Even if it’s just to put it away after she used it to fix something.
Granted, she probably shouldn’t be comparing her husband to her ex boyfriend, but is it wrong to expect your husband to do certain things around the house? It sounds like he expects her to cook and clean. I’m single and I have to snake my own drain, fix my own toilet, fix my own leaky faucet, and  troubleshoot my own household issues.  I don’t have a problem continuing to take care of my home after I get married, but I certainly don’t expect to be taking care of the repairs by myself. Not with a man in the house. If I have to take care of everything myself he might as well not be there, IJS.
This is impacting the way she feels about him, so it’s definitely important to her. You like what you like, but he is who he is. Is it wrong for her to feel this way? What should she do?
Feel free to share your thoughts.

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16 thoughts on “Mr Fix Nothing

  1. I think that there are gender roles and as long as we continue to let them be crossed, the alpha male will be phased out. But that’s neither here nor there.
    “Her husband is apparently the, I’m going to go upstairs to finish my TV show because the repair man’s talking is killing the climatic scene of Luke Cage type.” I don’t know why but that line had me ctfu!

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  2. This is honestly a bit of a fear of mine. I’m not the handiest of handy men, but I can change your headlight if it’s out. I’m pretty good w/ electronics so I could give those a try too, depending on what it is. But I will say that if I don’t know how to fix it, I’ll take the necessary steps to GET it fixed. I’m not just gonna let things stay broke or let my future, not yet wife worry about it. That’ is definitely not manly.

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    • Speaking for myself, I definitely appreciate the effort of a man even if it means he has to Google it. It means a lot that he will at least try even if he and I have to tagteam it together. Thanks for commenting.


  3. She definitely needs to sit him down and discuss this. Maybe he was raised in a household where he grew up learning differently. In this day in age, women take on more things so I could see this happening.

    I don’t think she should compare him to anyone, and leave that out of the conversation all together because that can go left fast.

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  4. Anonymous on said:

    Even if he is not capable its the wanting to improve that is crucial. Like the previous commentor. Have the discussion,lay some expectations out on the table. Go from there.

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  5. Anonymous on said:

    There should be a minimum that a man should be able to do. In her case she just need to talk to him. It’s a learning experience

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