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Trump’s Impact on Black Dating

I’ve never used my blog to discuss politics, but this is getting out of hand and I’ve had three dating experience that have been impacted by political beliefs. Thank you Trump for inspiring my first blog post of the year. Never thought I’d thank him for anything.

I am first going to respond to Trump’s question about what Black people have to lose by supporting him, which I also previously posted on FB.

How about my life? That’s something I value. How about the life of my family? That’s something I value. How about the life of every person in this country who looks like me, male or female? That’s something I value. Those are big things to lose under leadership who’s rhetoric is so filled with hate and white supremacy that his mindless drones have a mission to shoot and kill people on sight who look like me. I do not feel safe in the skin that I’m in and there’s nothing I can do about it except not vote for Trump, because it won’t make anything any better, but can definitely make things worse. Because I value my life and all the lives of those who look like me, I have A LOT to lose!! ✊🏾🇺🇸 ‪#‎blacklivesmatters ‪#‎mylifematters ‪#‎alottolose

Now how does this relate?

I went on a blind date with a man that I was introduced to by a friend. I should’ve known his ass was crazy after I Googled him, but I’ll respect his privacy. It was going alright, yes, just alright, in the beginning, and was on a steady decline. I just wasn’t feeling his personality. It was time for me to go, however, when he informed me that he does not vote. I asked, “How can you not vote?” Of course no good response. He does not vote at all in any capacity, presidential, local, amendments, nothing!! I thought that was so ignorant. All that we as Black people have endured to get the right to vote, he was just throwing it away and thought it was funny. If we don’t have anything else, we have our voice and he opts to throw it away. No respect; no second date.

I met a second individual, a White man. For the most part, I exclusively date Black men because it is what I like, it is what I am attracted to, and Black men are who I think I would have more in common with. Anyway, I am trying to be open, I don’t have a problem with White men, just not what I’m dawn to. Very first conversation he informs me he is voting for Trump. I agree, you can vote for whoever you want. I can entertain a relationship with whoever I want. This isn’t going to work. Last phone convo. I like to think that I am an opened minded person, but there has been not one thing that Trump has ever said that I can respect or support. Heck the dude wasn’t even able to say anything, he just didn’t like Hillary. Trump does not value my life or those who look like me and he is verbal about it. In fact he doesn’t value anyone other than himself and his supporters are a distant second if that. Any man who would consider dating a Black woman, could not have possible thought his opinions on supporting Trump would go over well. I could possibly have gotten over the fact that he was a Republican, but not the Trump supporter!

Third experience, this man and I were having a political discussion. He does not support Trump or Hillary. I hear that a lot, ok, let’s discuss. I asked him, what is his problem with Hillary. His response, “I don’t know, there is just something about her.” Ok, again you can support whomever you choose, but I believe you should be an educated voter. I don’t think anyone has to support Hillary, but I find it strange when you are adamant you don’t like someone and yet have NO idea as to why. It just makes you look silly. He is just on the bandwagon. He does not have an opinion of his own. Not a very attractive quality. That’s over!

In my opinion, political values need to be in line. We may not always agree, but when your values contradict mine, we are in for a life of disagreements and disrespect.

Let me know your thoughts. Would you date someone who’s political beliefs are a contrast to yours?





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11 thoughts on “Trump’s Impact on Black Dating

  1. You made a statement about being educated on who you are voting for, correct? My question to you is; why Hillary and not Trump? Whether we admit it or not we all have racists tendency, or prejudgments against a person, nationality, sex/gender, group, or religion. For all the Hillary supporters I advise you to do your research! Enough of politics I can go on and on about. To answer your question yes I will date/marry someone with different political beliefs, that is what makes this country so great. Different political, religious and nationality coming together with different ideas TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT!


  2. Yes, I would definitely date a woman with different political opinions. My personal political opinions probably differ from my close family and friends.
    I don’t think Trump is the worst choice, nor do I feel Hillary the best choice. Who is really going to have your back politically? No one, if you’re not rich. Though I take politics seriously, I can’t stand it. When it becomes less about lying and manipulation I’ll start paying attention.

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    • Yes, I agree I hate it too. It is less about the people and more about lying and making the other candidate look as horrendous as possible. Somewhere along the way all dignity was lost. I personally think Trump is a joke and this is some social experiment the U.S. is failing.

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  3. J L Hunt on said:

    Very powerful post. It’s understandable to desire compatibility, especially when it comes to politics.

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  4. Our ancestors fought to hard fit for the right to vote. To throw it away is foolish

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  5. Emilia Smith on said:

    To answer your question, yes I would date somebody whose political beliefs differ than mine. There are so many political issues to discuss, but there’s a thin line between being an extremist. Speaking about this particular case where we have a candidate such as Donald Trump then I know a person who supports him, isn’t the person for me.

    For me it isn’t about being a Republican or Democrat ( even though I am a Democrat ) it’s about choosing the right candidate. We’ve had several Republican president’s but none have made me feel like my civil rights may be jeopardized as an African American. It’s a sad feeling but it’s reality.

    Another thing that scares me is his supporters. Who are these people? These are the same people we work with, chat with in line at the grocery store, police and so on………

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    • Yes, you are absolutely right! If I felt like a Republican candidate had values in line with mine that I could believe in and support I would definitely vote for that individual regardless to his political affiliation. Somewhere along the line politics has gotten lost to allow a man who has no political standing or values spouting hatred to take the platform and represent a political group.
      I actually wonder the exact same thing. His supporters are every day people who serve you food at restaurants. I actually came across one who was calling black people monkeys! All I can do is hope for the best and to make it day to day. Thnx for the post.


  6. Tafara Smith on said:

    You’re right! Trump does not value the lives of minorities. He calls Black people “the Blacks” and started off on a hateful foot by calling Mexicans rapists. His rhetoric is dangerous. This election has also feel uncomfortable to be in my skin. It’s such an wierd feeling…

    As for the dating thing… I tried. There was a list of things we couldn’t talk about and s list of TV shows we couldn’t watch. It was just stupid. It got to a point where I felt like his political beliefs were tied to his ego. Every time we strayed into forbidden talking point, he would get super defensive and personally insult the people of tpoic, people he didn’t even know personally.
    Strike one of Many!
    I’ve always felt like you don’t have to agree, but you should try to see where someone is coming from… he had to go!

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