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Buckitude… Bad F**K Attitude!

No Cake

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a marvelous weekend!!

I’ve been blogging since 2013, so at this point I think we are friends. Can I get personal with you? I’m about to get personal with you.

I saw a Michael Baisden video, where he asked women if they faked orgasms. It’s no surprise that many women said yes because they wanted it to end, they want to stroke the man’s ego, etc. Everyone knows that women talk, good girlfriends have very few secrets between them. We may not get into great detail because we want to respect the sanctity of the bedroom, but guys if you knock it out the box, the friends know, if you are lame, the friends know. It just is what it is, sorry.

So to my question. Should bad sex be a deal breaker? Do we put too much emphasis on sex in relationships? Do men feel pressured to be on their A game? Do women cause this pressure? My friend coined a new term “buckitud”, which means bad f**k attitude.

Sex is important and full of benefits, for all the reason we all know up to and including release. If you know someone who is tightly wound and on edge, they probably haven’t had any in a while, IJS. Let me ask you, if you owned a company and your employee was not up to par would you let that person go? Hell yes, they are not serving their purpose. I am NOT suggesting sex is the only purpose, but is it wrong to think along those same lines? I understand that it takes time to get to know each other’s bodies, likes and dislikes, and be comfortable with one another. Is it at least fair to say if the performance doesn’t improve that it becomes a deal breaker?

My friends and I had a discussion about this. Bad sex is definitely a frustrating experience. Fellas do you know all that a woman goes through to prep? The de-furring and smell good ritual alone is time consuming. We go through a lot to get right for you, to end up disappointed. Partners need to be on the same page with stamina and expectations. Ladies if you need a man too sample your cake and he doesn’t like sweets, that’s a freaking problem!!!! You can say, oohh I like him, it will get better. Uuhhhmm, what if it doesn’t? What if the sex is boring and lacks excitement? What if he has a problem maintaining an erection? What if he finishes before he starts :-|. It’s already an awkward situation, but do you bring it up later to discuss it?

We’re all adults and friends, so I will say I had an experience that was beyond terrible. We never saw each other again and it pretty much ended.  I know he wanted a redemption visit, but I decided it just wasn’t worth it; I didn’t like him enough. I have another friend who had such a buckitude she wanted to cheat! When you are so unsatisfied you want to sleep with another person, it is definitely a problem. I suppose if someone has enough good qualities maybe it is something you can get past. Read a book, watch a video, visit the adult store, heck I don’t know. Take a look at the videos they are quite interesting.

Let me know what you think. Have you had a terrible experience? Is good sex important to you? Are you willing to stick it out and work with your partner?

Feel free to share. You can post to the blog anonymously.


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13 thoughts on “Buckitude… Bad F**K Attitude!

  1. OMG that’s all I have to say to this… I can see where this would be an issue with faking the funk on both sides.. Guys really can’t fake it so not sure what that was about but point well taken.. Nice one !!

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  2. Good sex is important, but if you have bad sex it’s not a deal breaker. I can teach you if your willing to learn. If your unwilling then that is a deal breaker.

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  3. Anonymous on said:

    Bad sex will lead to cheating and lying in the relationship.

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  4. Anonymous on said:

    Sorry, I wouldn’t be able to stay. There is nothing worse than getting all excited just to be left hot and bothered

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  5. Anonymous on said:

    Girl yes!!!! The father of my children. I went through years of bad sex until I thought I was gay. It was that bad, I wasn’t getting off at all. After realizing, hey I’m not gay I still haven’t ventured out with another man. I have been with the same dick for 10 years!!! I will say that I know longer fake it. If I’m not in the mood I learned to say no. When I do give in I make sure I get mines. We don’t have sex that often maybe once every two weeks but when we do its amazing! 🙂

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  6. Anonymous on said:

    I can’t evening 😉

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