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Happy Woman’s Day

1350906984341_1384364Yesterday was International Woman’s Day. Last week at work there was a panel discussion held in recognition of the day. One of the questions asked, who is/was the most influential woman in your professional life? I’ve never had any mentors, educational or professional so I had to give this question some thought.

It was my mother. She has got to be the hardest working woman I know. I remember when I was a child she had multiple jobs to make ends meet. I didn’t appreciate it then, but as an adult, I get it. When I was younger she would get on my NERVES!!! All the time! It wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I could finally appreciate some of the things that she would say. We are actually a lot alike, maybe that’s why she got on my nerves so much. I can say now that I have learned some important things from my mother that helped me become the woman that I am.


Never settle

It wasn’t until a few year ago that I got a hold on my career trajectory. When I was little I never knew what I wanted to do, I just knew that I wanted to do something creative ie, writing. I would often bring up jobs, “I want to be a physician assistant.” Her response, “why be the assistant when you can be the physician?” It was frustrating then because I felt like she was shooting down my jobs, but she wasn’t. She had her own plans for me, she claimed that I was going to have the corporate life and be a business woman. Sure enough I am in the corporate world and work in project management.

No one is smarter than you

In the instances where I felt like I wasn’t smart enough to do something. She would say, “No one is any smarter than you are. If someone else can do it, you can do it.” It is so true. I may have had to study harder or work harder, but I’ve certainly accomplished the goals I have set forth in life. Don’t take this to mean I’m a genius, Lord knows I’m not. You just have to believe in your abilities.

Don’t compare yourself to others

I learned not to look at other’s circumstances and compare them to my own. Why? All it does is make you miserable. I am me and they are them. Their life is no better or worse, generally speaking, it’s just different. So unless you are looking to someone for inspiration stay in your own lane and travel your own journey. You’ll get there faster because you aren’t focused on the wrong thing. Watching other people will make you take accidental turns.

Don’t be jealous

This falls in line with comparing yourself to others. You shouldn’t be jealous of others possessions or life. You have no idea what it took for them to get to where they are. I’ve met people who if you look at their life from the outside you’d be jealous, but if you only knew the misery and pain they live, you’d be glad to have your life. Instead of being jealous, try to be happy for people. You will find more blessings come your way.

You’ll be alright

I remember when I was buying my house I was so stressed out. I told her if I don’t get this house I’m going to die. Her response, “now that I gotta see. Die?” See those are her annoying moments; gotta love her though. She was supposed to say, “No, it’ll be ok. Don’t worry.” Her response kind of said the same thing. I did get the house, but I know I wouldn’t have died if I didn’t. Dramatic much!

I’ve learned to be confident and I find that things don’t bother me as easily as they used to. I know at the end of the day, I will be ok. I know that if I work hard enough I will accomplish my goals. I’m working on a book and I recently asked my mother, “What if no one wants to read it?” Her response, “What if everyone wants to read it.” Good point! So I will continue on my journey and focus on making me the best me I can be. Thanks Mom!!

Ohhh I’m also really good at giving people silence, got that from her too hehe sorry 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Happy Woman’s Day

  1. Andrea Yager on said:

    Really from the heart!!!


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