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My Dear Grandma, You will be Missed

2013-04-14 19.40.36Happy New Year!!!

My first post of the year is dedicated to my grandma who passed away this weekend; may she rest in peace. It’s funny that when someone dies you think about them more in the course of a week than you generally would.

Along with everyone else in my family, my grandma wanted me to get married and have some babies. When we spoke she always managed to bring it up.  It would usually start like this, “How is your new friend?”

“He’s good; I like him.”

“So what are you waiting on to have some babies? To get my age?”

“No, Grandmaaaa (gotta drag Grandma) I’m working on it.”

“Ok, well don’t wait too long. You don’t want to be an old lady?”

“I know Grandmaaaa.”

“You know, when I was your age I had four already.”


My grandma was such a lady and impressed on her granddaughters to be ladies too. I remember as a kid visiting New York she would say, “Young ladies don’t do this or young ladies don’t do that. Young ladies don’t wear dungarees all the time.”

“What are dungarees, Grandma?”

“Young ladies carry purses.”

“Purse for what?”

“Your hanky, candy, and a little nickel.” Yes, the nickel must be little, lol.

To my sister, “Keep still, young ladies don’t wiggle so much.”

Leave it to my grandma we’d all be in a fluffy dress, slip underneath, pantyhose, purse, and powdered up to our necks. Gotta be fresh at all times. Oh and sit like a lady. Cousins and sis, do you guys remember this? “Shut up your legs you don’t wanna look like _____.” Don’t fill in the blank lmao.

 Grandma was kinda of strict. She does NOT PLAY!!! AT ALL!!! It is because of her one of the Deacons in the church called my cousin and I, “Pancake babies.” He was amused at her tool of choice to spank our butts, lmao. My cousin and I were called that for years!! Now as an adult it has me wondering, were they sharing beating stories? I guess we could be a handful at times. It was usually me, my sis, and my four cousins each summer getting on her last nerve. Occasionally two other cousins, her sister’s children, would be there too.

We used to try to slide down the banister. We would run up and down the stairs. Of course we’d get in trouble, but we just wanted to play outside. It’s not our fault, she wouldn’t let us leave the gate! When I tell you my cousins and I played full games inside the gate and when I look back, I don’t know how we all fit! I remember once these kids across the street were jumping double dutch. Ohhh my cousin and I wanted to go soooo bad. It was DOUBLE DUTCH. They invited us over and in unison, “Our grandma wont let us leave the gate.” She’d tell us sit down and read a book. “A booook, ugghhh Grandmaaaa!”

 I like to think we were good kids, well the two youngest were a bit much, lmao just kidding, no really!! I think they required daily spankings. Heck one of my cousins broke my grandma’s chair, yikes!! I actually think it’s still broken 20 years later.

 Grandma was also an avid church goer and Lord do not embarrass this woman in church. It took years before she would let us out of her sight and up in the balcony. Even then, she’d often throw us an occasional eye. The eye meant sit back and stop clowning around in church. She had us all in the choir. We went to Vacation Bible School. We did arts and crafts! We cleaned the church. Ohhh the memories!!

 My grandma loved her grandchildren and would always brag on the nine of us. She couldn’t be more proud of us if she wanted to. I will truly miss her. I can hear her laugh. The last time I saw her in June, my nephew made her laugh so hard I was worried she wasn’t going to make it, but it was all good. She was strict, but meant well. Even when she got on my nerves, I know she loved me. 

Until the day we meet again.


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2 thoughts on “My Dear Grandma, You will be Missed

  1. Andrea Yager on said:

    Nat, this is beautiful!!!


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