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The Stigma of being a Single Lady

2014-07-15 02.29.12Why does being a single woman have a stigma? Why is it assumed that there is something wrong with her, especially if she is attractive? Why is it asked what did she do wrong? Why is it strange to be single for over a certain length of time? Men never receive this sort of treatment. For them, they just haven’t met the right one yet or the last woman was crazy. Crazy? Why do men always claim that a woman is crazy? That’s a whole another discussion.

My sister met this man, also single, and he practically gave her a lecture on the fact that she has been single for a few years now. He was suggesting because she has been single for “so long” that there must be something wrong with HER. She must be too picky. Her standards must be too high. Maybe it isn’t she cant find a man, she can’t keep a man. He told her that’s it’s not normal that she has been single for however many years, I think three or four.

Why can’t it be that she hasn’t found the right one? Maybe she decided to focus on raising her son. Maybe she wanted to focus on her education. Maybe she wanted to focus on furthering her career. Maybe it’s because she meets idiots like him who worry about the wrong thing. Heck, why the f*** is he single? Maybe he drives women crazy. I know that discussion would drive me crazy!

The one I hate most…Why must her standards be too high? Why shouldn’t women have standards? Should we just settle for any old man that is willing to “tolerate” us. Ohhh the double standards. Men never settle for what they don’t want. I had a man tell me that he called it off with a woman who was fine from head to ankle, he couldn’t deal with the corn on her baby toe :-|. Women on the other hand meet a man who moves furniture, has no skill, no education, plays basketball all day are made to feel they should accept this. Why? Because he’s a man, any man.

Ladies there is nothing wrong with being single; it’s an opportune time to accomplish so much. I would much rather be single than be in an unhappy and unfulfilling relationship. You should wait on the man that makes you smile; not settle for the unemployed man who lives with his parents and has kids that he can not support. Never settle for less than you deserve. My friend says, “If you can’t meet me  (profession, finance, goals etc.) don’t greet me.”


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  1. What’s up, all the time i used to check weblog posts here in the early hours in the morning, since i love to gain knowledge of more and more.


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