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Worst Date Ever!

Hi everyone, long time no blog.

Some people seem to think that I’m being picky with men and I completely disagree!! Let me tell everyone about my last date.

This gentlemen asked me to lunch on a Saturday morning. I had no other plans, so why not. He said that he wanted to go the casino. He asked me if I liked to gamble and I told him no. He said that he was going to arrive early so that he can gamble and once I arrive he would be able to focus his attention on me. Oh, I didn’t mention that this was our FIRST date. So I arrive about 10 minutes early to the casino and he comes out to meet me. He tells me that he has money on a table. Ok, I’m reasonable, I want him to finish his game. He asks me to take a seat. I say no because how long will this possibly take? Longer than I thought!! He played several games of Poker. I thought he was just going to finish his chips and then we would go and have lunch. NOPE. After he finished at that table he went to another table to play Black Jack. He asked me when we approached the Black Jack table if I was hungry. I said YES. WTF wouldn’t I be hungry?! I didn’t say the WTF part (I have home training). I thought that was going to be the cue to wrap up and have lunch. NOPE. He sat down and began to play. Several games. Again, I was thinking that he will finish his chips because he was losing miserably. NOPE he purchased $200 more!

At this point it’s clear that I’m getting agitated at his inconsiderate behavior. I didn’t ask him to lunch, he asked me. I was fine at home relaxing AND I didn’t care if we ever went out to be frank; I could already tell that I wasn’t going to like him. Listening to everyone else, I decided to give him a chance. I’m standing by the Black Jack table, practically in the isle, with my arms crossed and I’m very quiet. He tries to make small talk as he places his bets, but I’m over it. Finally after losing most of his money, we go to the restaurant and see that it doesn’t open for another 20 minutes. Instead of us sitting down and getting to know one another, he goes back to the table to play more!!! While he’s playing, he asks me if I was having fun; I said no. Those of you who know me, know my face reveals every emotion. Do you think that stopped him from gambling? NOPE. Then he tells me the reason why he chose the casino was because it has quiet spots and different restaurants. We weren’t in either! He asked me what I liked about him and I said don’t know yet. Clearly not very good at reading people because at that point I liked NOTHING.

Do we finally eat? Yes. Did he redeem himself? No. Afterwards, he sent me a text and asked if we should we hang out like today more often. HELL NO!! Ughhhh.

See folks, I’m not picky. I just have experiences like these. I think he was self-centered and not considerate of my feelings. I just want a NORMAL man. A man who will not ask me out to ignore me. A man who doesn’t have a gambling habit. A man that I enjoy his company. I can hit the nickel slots every now and again, but his behavior was ridiculous. I truly don’t think that I’m asking too much. I’m not picky, but I’m not going to settle for jerks. I would much rather be alone. Hopefully my next date with someone else will be better.


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