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Don”t Ingore the Red Flags

My girlfriends and I have such great lunch conversations that we almost forget that we are in the cafeteria at work!!! ICnt chngncited by a blog post, today we talked about why women ignore red flags. We’ve all done it!! We know that something is not right, yet we hang around to see if things will change. We make excuses, we attempt to justify his actions, and we pretend that things are going to get better. Why?

Women are so quick to forgive a man’s shortcomings. Men, not so much in return. Is it because men are in such short supply and they have the upper hand? They want to pick the attributes that will contribute to their gene flow. Women overlook the enormously big head and pray for a normal dome during child birth. Woman are like, eehh he’s not that bad… we can change this… we can work on that….

NOOOOOO!!!! This needs to stop. Men are not projects. When we see red flag after red flag we should take the closest exit.

1. If he ONLY texts you. PROBLEM. I get we live in an age when we do a lot of texting, but when you are really trying to get to know someone you need to talk on the phone sometimes. Why can’t he call?

2. If he gives you a lame excuse as to why he can’t call. PROBLEM. Oh my dog keeps sneezing. Uhm ok, go into another room!

3. If he can only call during work hours or when he is outside of the home. PROBLEM. Last time I experienced this, he was living with a woman.

4. If he can only plan dates during the work week. PROBLEM. A single man, regardless to how busy he is, will make time for who and what he wants to make time for. It’s not like you’re dating President Obama, but even he has time for Michelle.

5. The texts that he sends to you automatically delete from your phone. Yeah there is an app for that. PROBLEM. Who is he hiding the messages from? When the shit hits the fan, who does he not want you to show the messages to?

6. He doesn’t keep his dates with you, something always comes up where it has to be canceled. PROBLEM. If a man can’t keep his word, he’s not much of a man.

Why do we ignore these types of red flags or attempt to justify his actions?  I’ve done it too, I can’t even really explain why. Like I said in my previous post, a man will drop a woman like a scorching rock handed to him by the devil; women try to hold on.

We set the tone of the relationship by what we will or will not accept. We can not complain about what we allow to happen to us; we teach people how to treat us. Does this mean that we may stay single a little longer? Maybe. Does it mean that we will end up happier with the right man? Definitely!


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