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I’ve been gone for a minute… I had to share a Joke!

I’ve been MIA lately and unmotivated, but that’s a problem that I’m working on. I have started going to church and I love it! I’m so happy! I get praise/worship, a meaningful message, and an overall blessed experience in an hour and 45 minutes. I couldn’t ask for anything more!!

I am also going to start volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club. Doing my part for the community :-). I’m actually excited about this experience. I generally have low tolerance for other people’s kids, but I think this will be good for me.

I’ve still been having a great time with some of the best friends ever. My sis and I had a debate over who is the nicest in our circle. Of course I think it’s me, she thinks it’s her. It’s me… I’m a sweetheart!

As far as dating… I can honestly say it has been an interesting experience these past nine months. Gotta thank my sis-in-law for convincing me to sign up. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who met someone online and it worked out. I’m starting to think that it is the exception and not the rule. I must admit that I have met a few nice guys, who I wish well, and two I guessss I can call a friend in as loose a sense that the word can be used.  The others were just strange.

The last fella that I met takes the cake!! I met a Joke! He is the one who made me say to myself, NAT WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!??

He and I meet for the first time at Blue Martini and he buys my five friends and I drinks. Kinda weird… I protested… he insisted… so hey, knock yourself out. My friends and I nicknamed him 60/70 the amount the bill came to. He was giving my male friends the side eye, which I didn’t like, but maybe that’s what guys do. So he sounds like a nice guy right? What’s the problem you ask? He was soo vulgar and full of shit.

One day he sends me a text message, I’m not even really sure why. He tells me how he met a woman for the first time and had sex with her that day. He proceeds to tell me about her genitals, its appearance, the experience, and how it’s ok to have sex on the first date. Why he felt that was important for me to know, I have no idea. It is not my concern what other women do. This woman, isn’t going home with you because you bought my friends some drinks. I was not impressed!

On another instance, he tells me that he needs to determine if we are sexually compatible because he fell in love with his last girlfriend and then had to break up with her because they weren’t sexually compatible. My response to that, you must not have loved her that much. He also stated that is important for him to know if a woman smells good down there. Those are his words, not mine!!!

This is all in the span of two weeks. I tell him it’s not going to work. His response, No Shit! Later, 60/70 texts me… What about your light skin friend, then what about your dark skin friend? WTF… dude are you serious? You are trying to talk to my friends. Long story short. I had to let him know… My friends don’t like you, they don’t want to get to know you, and they aren’t interested in talking to you in. IN FACT they don’t want ME talking to you.

So you would’ve thought that would’ve ended it. Nope! He sends me a text saying he’s tired of being single so we should just work it out and be together. That was the end of the road for me. You know what, have a nice life sir. He oozed desperation. Ohhhh he asked if I was a lesbian. I guess it was just unfathomable that I wouldn’t want to sleep with him. I must be a lesbian to turn him down. YIKES!!

It’s amazing all of the nonsense I endured over two weeks. He wanted to come to my place at 1 in the morning. That isn’t going to happen. He wanted me to meet him at a hotel because he was going to be drinking. That definitely isn’t going to happen.

I’m going to take a bit of a break, but remain open and receptive, and try to focus on other things.

To all of the 60/70s out there. No woman with any sense is going to fall for your sexually compatible nonsense. It’s a joke!! You may come out better if you pretend to get to know someone and hey you may find that you like them.

Marvin Sapp posted on his Facebook Page. “Someone who genuinely cares about you will want to get closer… Not in a sexual way, but they want to know your dreams and passions so they can make them happen.” I completely agree! Waiting on my Boaz!


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One thought on “I’ve been gone for a minute… I had to share a Joke!

  1. Bahahahhahahaha SPEECHLESS!! 60/70 I wish you the best of luck bro!!!!


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