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Dating Deal Breakers?!? Yes or No

Hi everyone!!

I celOldebrated my birthday this weekend and had blast! I have a great family and group of friends. I couldn’t ask for a better circle! I feel like a kid on my birthday and look forward to it each year. People complain about getting older, but don’t consider the alternative… DEATH! I am thankful to be blessed with another year of life, health, and joy!

So, I was on FB and I saw a post that caught my attention. It said 10 Dating Deal Breakers You Must Get Over! I took a look at them and I don’t know if I could get over some of them…

1. Discolored teeth – Welp… I’m not sure how I feel about this one!! There is a difference between not the whitest smile (noooo problem with that) to brown teeth… That screams poor hygiene to me!!!! I can’t have your poor oral hygiene making my great oral hygiene be in vain, GERMS move from mouth to mouth… Google it!!!

2. He’s shorter than 6 feet – This I can get over, provided he’s taller than 5’7” preferably at least 5’9”

3. He has bad acne – This one is dependent on a couple of factors. At 16 bad acne is no problem, but at 30 bad acne is kind of weird. I mean a pimple here and there is not what I consider bad acne so maybe “bad” is relative. Then it makes me wonder why an adult has such bad acne, visit the dermatologist!! But NO not a deal breaker, well unless it’s just gross.

4. Bad breath – Yeah nope can’t agree with this!!! Is it bad because we just shared a Chili Cheese Dog or is it bad because you don’t floss regularly and take care of your teeth?!?! If it’s the latter, it’s a deal breaker. I can’t teach a grown man oral hygiene!!! You should’ve learned that at 2 with mommy and daddy!

5. A severe underbite – Not that appealing, but no not a deal breaker. If he’s ok with it, I can be ok with it.

6. He has long dirty fingernails – Nope, nope, and nope… DEAL BREAKER!!! If you are not a mechanic, I need you to clean your nails. You can get some sort of infection! Yuck! Then if I ever get scratched!! Men, this is very unappealing… take care of your nails. It says a lot about you!!

7. He calls mommy daily – I can deal with this. A man who loves his mother, will know how to love me!! As long as I get a call daily too, it’s all good!

8. He makes less than six figures – I’m ok with this as long as he is not in financial stress. If you are working with your five figures and are living a comfortable life, our figures combined (if we get there) can be six figures.

9. He can’t dress – Y’all know how I feel about this. Not sure if I can get on board; I guess it depends.

10. He has dreads or twist – I love a man in dreads!!! Well… unless he’s a man in dreads with a bald spot or a severe receding hairline, then you just look funny!

So of these ten things, several of them are still deal breakers. Check out the article to see Paul Carrick Brunson’s argument as to why they should not be. He may have some good points, but I can’t get on board lol.


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