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13 Places to Meet Men – Whatcha Think?!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!!

I always enjoy reading articles by Paul Carrick Brunson, the Modern Day Matchmaker, he provides such good advice and gives me hope that I will find love. He has an article 13 Proven Places to Meet Men, I clearly must not frequent the right places because I never meet anyone.

1. Church – I have been tossing this idea around, but don’t want to be the heathen in church just to find a man lol. Now, I do want to go to church because I feel that I need to and God is important to me, but I feel guilty that there is a bit of an agenda behind it – finding a man. This next statement may sound horrible but, I don’t want a man who is too “churchy”. I already told you the 10 rules a preacher provided about dating :-|. He also felt like couples should have a chaperone when out on a date!! I don’t think so. Hey, it may work for some people, just not me.

2. Sports Teams- Eeehhh not interested… although it would be good exercise.

3. Hobby and Volunteer Groups – This is a pretty good idea!! The company that I work for offers a lot of volunteer opportunities; I should attend some. Support a cause you care about and mingle. As far as hobbies, I’m thinking about joining a running group… that would also work for sports team, hey twofer!!!

4. Around the Neighborhood – Not my neighborhood … Wait, I do think my neighbor is pretty good looking hhmm

5. Introduced by Family – I’m open to this… My mom kind of introduced me to a guy, but he was too young and too much of an alpha male (his words, not mine), I already felt the issues and we only had one conversation!! A headache I don’t need. What he said that turned me off: “… tell your friend that there is a new sheriff in town…” he may have been joking, but I didn’t like it. He thought I was out with guys because I said I was out with a friend. He should not have assumed. It made me think he would be jealous and possessive!!

6. Large Social Events – The article mentioned the Essence Festival, which I wanted to go to, but no one else did. Tampa has events too, it just seems that everyone is coupled up at them.

7. Someone You’ve Known Since Childhood – I rarely see people that I’ve known since childhood, although I’ve been on a role lately. I saw a guy I grew up with in the grocery store and a guy I went to high school with on a cruise. Ohh I went on a cruise, let’s call it a date in Cozumel!! I had a great time!!

8. A Public Space – Grocery store, gas station, etc… This can happen. Remember the guy in the mall? I also met someone at Target once, but he looked too old. I could probably meet more people, but sometimes when I’m in the grocery store I’m in a zone with headphones in, which me unapproachable 😦

9. At College – Been there done that. No more education for me, let’s see how far my Masters gets me. So far it isn’t working lol j/k kinda

10. At a House Party or Social Gathering – He discusses Flow Dating, which is supposed to be more interesting than speed dating. Two of my friends tried speed dating last weekend and one of them is going out tonight with someone that she met!! I wish her luck.

11. Introduced by a Friend – I trust my friends, but considering we’re all single… this won’t happen. If she doesn’t want him, I probably won’t either.

12. At the Bar or Club – I don’t know about the club, but definitely happy hour. My guy doesn’t like going to the club! I know I shouldn’t judge because if I’m there, he can be there, but I don’t go often… Brunson found that 18.8% of couples met in the club. I wish I knew the age group of the 18%, that makes a big difference.

13. On the Job – this may very well be true. Brunson found that 20.2 % met on the job. There are men at my job that I see are on the same dating sites that I was on. So we are right under each other’s noses and just don’t realize it. We all need to get to volunteering!! The job may also be too close, unless you work for a large company. Luckily for me, I DO!!

These are pretty reasonable places; guess I just need to keep my eye peeled.
I have a date on Saturday so I’m still pretty active, hopefully someone turns into something more. I’ll keep you posted.



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6 thoughts on “13 Places to Meet Men – Whatcha Think?!

  1. 1. Church- where women outnumber single men 6-1. lol That’s not a real statistic, but it seems to be a good estimate. Churchy men are just as triflin’ as non-churchy men so I’ll pass on this.
    3. This seems like a realistic and natural way- if you’re out doing things you love, it’s ideal to meet someone that loves to do that thing as well. I guess this would include the gym.
    8. A public place seems to be the “old-fashioned” way to meet someone, but I’m not sure how approachable people are when they are out trying to handle their business. Surely the comments I’ve gotten when I’m out shopping are always inappropriate and so when strangers approach me I already have my guard up. Let me get my bread in peace please.
    I have begun to think that things happen and people come around when you least expect it…but when you’re anticipating meeting someone, it affects your mentality and may eventually let you down.

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  2. irabat on said:

    Well about the club….good people do go to the club….its taking that person outside of the club to see who they really are. They talked about this on the radio a few weeks ago….and it makes sense. You may meet someone in the club that happened to be there for a birthday party…but normally doesn’t go to the club… would be kinda crazy to pass JUST because you met them in a club. Ask them out for a coffee or a lunch….and see who they are. My thing is…..the person you first meet no matter where….isn’t gonna be the same person in a few months. Best performance forward….


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