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It’s A Wrap!

Hi everyone, I hope you have been having a wonderful and productive week.

This week officially wraps up my online experience, although I’ve been hidden for the past two weeks. I had two profiles one on BPM and the other on Match. The experience was interesting, but yeah interesting….

BPM was hilarious; I started off with a bang. I was looking through the “interested in” section where profiles are presented one by one and you decide, no you’re not interested – next profile or yes you are interested – next profile. Apparently I wasn’t paying much attention to what the choices actually were because in my mind there was a choice that just said, next profile. It was my first day and wasn’t ready to make any decisions, I was just browsing… Long story short, there is no such option and I sent out like 50 flirts before I realized what I was doing! My Ipad pings every time I get a message; I was sitting there wondering why I am getting so many emails… yeah… so that was funny… I felt really bad about it because I sent out these flirts and then I was ignoring the response.

The men on BPM were more entertaining than those on Match. I got invited to hedonism in Jamaica, I had an old man praise me for not letting any pretty boys knock me up, this guy and I had a “Who’s inbox is funnier” contest, and I conducted my arrogant experiment on this site… memories!! I had a lot more interaction on this site than I had on Match. I ended up exchanging numbers with four men and met one.

Match was more blah; it seemed that many people were not actively using it. I actually tried to close this profile within three days of opening it, but I couldn’t get a refund :-(. I would get matched with men who hadn’t been active in three or more weeks and that basically means inactive. The pool on this site seemed more limited; once I narrowed there weren’t many men left. My two friends and I had overlaps and were interacting with the same men, lol. On this site I did manage to exchange numbers with two men both of which I actually met.

All in all I had a pleasant experience, it was fun, and I laughed a lot (and not just at people). The men that I met face to face were nice and I wasn’t creeped out. What more could I ask for?

Within the same time frame, I didn’t meet any men in the “real” world. Well one guy told me I was cute and I should give him my number as he was trying to sell his CD’s outside of Crispers. No thank you young man, I can’t support a starving artist…
Would I do it again? Eehh I don’t know. I can’t say no, but can’t say yes. Hopefully after this experience I won’t have to 😉



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