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My Proven Theory!

Good evening world!

I have a well thought out theory about men whose profile consists of pictures with no shirt and men who pose with cars. I suggest there is a positive correlation. The more pictures they have, the more arrogant they are. This is very scientific people!! Ok, it isn’t really scientific, but I swear it’s true.

I was chatting with one man online who had several pictures with no shirt on. He wasn’t even in great shape. So he must really be full of himself.  In addition to the topless pix he had a couple of him posing with and in a car. Ohhh ohhh AND he had to nerve to say something like chillin’ in the Range. He needed to let us know what kind of vehicle it was. My eyes nearly rolled out of my head. Who does that???? Apparently him!! I had to continue with this, you know, for research sake. I sent him a flirt and hoped my appearance was up to his standards. He got back to me eventually and apologized for the delay, he was traveling for business. Yeah, ok, whatever you say!

Here’s my collected data!

1. We were messaging each other. I asked what he had done for the weekend. His response, shopping as usual. He’s trying to let me know he has money, if that’s not arrogance I don’t know what is!

2. In one of his messages to me he said he…  “doesn’t do sneaker wearing nappy headed lil girls.” Those who know me, know that tidbit did not sit will me with. Ugh, he is exuding arrogance!!

3. He referred to himself as a big fish. OMG, I was really getting annoyed with him at this point.

4. He asked my name, I told him and asked for his. His response, are you even reading my messages? Apparently he gave me his name a week ago. Look, I don’t have to remember your name from a week ago!!! Get it together, you’re not the only person I talk to.

5. My last important piece of data… he states he has less than 1% baggage and doesn’t know why he is still single. Who the heck states they don’t know why they are still single on a dating site. If you were that much of a catch, you’d have someone. Clearly it’s something Mr. Big Fish. If you want to really know, I can fill you in you arrogant pompous jerk!

Men, let’s make good choices! You actually look stupid when you just have random photos with no shirt on. It’d be one thing if you were at the beach or playing basketball, but to take a photo of yourself standing in your bathroom with no shirt on… WHY!?!? It says something and it isn’t positive!

SN. I looked at another man’s profile and he had a picture of his torso, his freaking face wasn’t even in the picture. He sent me a message and asked if I didn’t like his photos. I said if you really want to know… lmao… never hear from him again!! Truth hurts!!

I think my theory stands firm. Random sampling, blah blah blah. Let’s just say, I’m right!

Knock it off fellas!!


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2 thoughts on “My Proven Theory!

  1. Sheebs on said:

    I am picturing this in my head and all your facial expressions as you see his responses. Lmao, but I agree with you 100% the more pics the more arrogant, and if he was as great as he thought he wouldn’t be online!!!


  2. Bernard on said:

    I can’t stop laughing, your good Nat gotta get you on stage we can make a fortune.


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