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My Dating Prerequisite!

MjAxMS03MzgwOGNmM2MxZjJkZTAwTomorrow is Valentine’s Day; I hope everyone enjoys it whether you are in a relationship or single.

I may have a date with the ladies. We haven’t made concrete plans as of yet, but I’m sure we’ll get into something… no sitting at home looking sad for us! Single ladies on the prowl!

A few months ago I had to reevaluate the list of what I want in a man. I read an article that made me feel like I didn’t have my priorities in order.  I have one requirement that is not on my list, but I am adamant it’s a must. I guess, consider it a prerequisite. My one friend, and I do mean one friend, because she is the only one, but she thinks what I’m about to say is silly. I require a man to be well dressed and put together!! You should not look like you are in high school, please come with your grown man swag!

I believe a grown man should know how to dress, especially a man in his 30s! I don’t need him to be GQ or anything, but I shouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen with him. Men, your pants should be on your hips and you should not look like a slob. You’re clothes shouldn’t be extra smedium (yes the S is intentional) but they should be closer to your size than not! Why are you shopping in the big and tall section when you are 5’9” and 175lbs?

I am all for sanding off the rough edges of a man, but to mold one, I don’t think so! Am I alone on this?

I met a man who said that he gets his clothes from his friends, like hand me downs, which I guess is fine… but really, a grown ass working man… I don’t know how I feel about that…

Gentlemen, once you satisfy the prerequisite then you must be:

1. Caring – I need to feel loved and special at all times.

2. Driven – NO lazy bums!

3. Have a sense of humor – One that I can appreciate, important to add, everyone thinks they are a comedian.

4. Honest – Not in a rude, you look stupid, but hey I’m being honest kind of way… but in a I don’t have to worry about what you are up to kind of way.

5. Intelligent – I need someone whose intelligence is comparative to mine. I once dated a man who asked me, why are you always trying to teach me something… Uhm I wasn’t, I thought I was just having conversation.

6. Family oriented – I Love my family and we spend A LOT of time together. *My brothers are not jerks lol 🙂

7. Fun and laid back – I like to enjoy myself and he should too.

8.  Attractive – Even if just to me.

So, nothing that I am asking for is unreasonable. What is on your list? Am I alone on the dressing thing? Tell me what you think.


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5 thoughts on “My Dating Prerequisite!

  1. Old Skule on said:

    Define well dressed. Does that mean if you are over 30, that you should loose the football jersey unless you are going to a game?


  2. Too late, damage already done


  3. Tafaras on said:

    You know I’m with you on the dressing thing…


  4. Bernard on said:

    Stick to your guns, nothings worst than seeing a well dressed lady walking with a thugish looking man.


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