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Sweet or Creepy??

Hi everyone, I hope that you had a great weekend.

A few blogs ago, I mentioned a man that I met online who I have named Check In. He’s the guy who will randomly text me info as if I had asked him. Well… he actually called me; we’ve spoken a few times. He seems nice enough, although we only spoke for about 5 minutes each time. He always tells me what he is doing, so still checking in for some strange reason, but this is what I thought was really weird and need help with. He told me that the only reason he goes on the dating site now is to see my picture…

I signed in and sure enough he is an outlier, he’s viewed my profile nearly 20 times with the last time being February 9! Everyone else is between one and three. Is that sweet or creepy?!?! Maybe it’s a little of both. What exactly is he trying to tell me?

I’m not looking for anyone else.  Although we’ve never met, have only spoken like three times, and you ignore my text most of the time, Natalie you are the one for me!!!! WTF!!


Natalie you are just so breathtakingly beautiful, I can’t not look at your face!!!

Who am I kidding, it’s probably the latter lmao. He asked me to text him a picture of me and I completely ignored the request. When we spoke, he brought that up!!! I don’t know! The more I think about it, the more I think it is WEIRD!

He asked if we could meet and I’m thinking it’s not really a good idea. The last think I need is to meet a strange clingy man that I can’t shake. Sigh, why me? 😦

He sent me a text the other telling me how wonderful he thinks I am and that he is glad that he met me. I concur, I am pretty great, but you don’t even know me!! There is nothing worse than insincere words. Maybe he’s just happy that I am entertaining his presence.  As often as I ignore him, I surprised he still sends me messages.

So what is the next step? Do I actually tell him that I’m not interested or just ignore his messages until he gets the hint? Who knew this would be so complex?!


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3 thoughts on “Sweet or Creepy??

  1. That’s pretty weird. Definitely go with your instincts on this one!


  2. Tell him u r not n to him


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