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Dating Questions: What to do!?!

Hello friends, I hope you have been enjoying your week!!

I have to first share something that happened to my friend earlier this week at McDonalds. My friend went through the drive thru and ordered a soda with NO ICE. I forget what else she ordered, but that’s not important. She gets to the window and the manager hands her the drink and it has ice. So my friend politely tells the manager, I wanted it with no ice. The manager says no problem… Here comes the problem… The manager removes the cap from the soda and gets another cup. She places her hand over the opening of the cup and proceeds to strain the soda through her fingers into the next cup!!!!! My friend asks the manager what she is doing. The manager responds, you said no ice. ROTFLMAO!!!!

I thought that was too funny and disturbing not to share!

Today, I want to talk about dating. I haven’t actively dated in SIX years.  I was with my ex for four and these last two years, well… I’ve been interested in a couple of people, but it quickly fizzled, like one date fizzled.  So I have a few questions now that I’m back on the scene.

1. How many people do you date at a time? Do you tell the person you’re dating, that you’re dating other people? Do you ask if they are dating other people? I find this to be the most confusing. On the one hand, you can date who you want because there is no commitment. Then you naturally start to spend more time with one person and the others start to fade out of the picture. I guess…. but… what if the person you are dating isn’t dating anyone else? Wont it hurt their feelings to find out you’re dating other people? More importantly, will it hurt my feelings to find out HE IS dating other people? I’m kinda fragile! What if more than one of the people you are dating starts to develop feelings? I’m not that good at breaking hearts! Well unless you tick me off.

2. As a woman, when should you start to contribute towards dates? I’ve gone out on a couple dates with the Traveler and he’s paid for them all, should I at least offer? I’m going to offer. It’s only right to offer. Will that start a trend? Will he expect me to always pay? I asked a male acquaintance when a woman should start to pay for dates, he said with him, never. Good answer!!

3. When do you start talking about where “this” is going? I’m no spring chicken. I don’t have six or more months to waste to find out; hey I don’t want anything serious. I’m trying to be a go with the flow type of girl, but I like to swim, it gets you there faster. Sometimes if you just go with the flow and drift with the current, you wind up someplace you don’t want to be. Then you have to take time to find your way back. I don’t have time for that! I also don’t want to be that girl who goes on a few good dates and wants to have your baby. That’s awkward! Sigh, this is so complex.

4. When should you bring someone around your family or friends? My brothers, well one in particular, seem to think it’s the same day I say hello. I can’t really trust them though; I think they just wanna make jokes and pester me! I don’t think I can have just anybody come over. That’s a lot of pressure! Maybe if someone successfully makes it to the six month point, I’ll bring them around.

Those are my most pressing questions. Help a girl out!!



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5 thoughts on “Dating Questions: What to do!?!

  1. Single n mingling! on said:

    1. Date as many as you can handle and then start a process of elimination!!! I don’t think you can catch the same level of feelings for more than one person so use other factors to weed em out!!! Lol
    2. I’m a gal and I say start offering to contribute once you see things progressing. We’re so stuck in the norm of having the male pay for everything but I learned from my male best friend that its actually a turn on and quite considerate. Now if ya funds ain’t right or you suddenly become a suga mama, that’s ya own d@$# fault lol.
    3. This is a hard one cuz you don’t wanna seem as if you’re moving to fast but heck you don’t wanna be round here twiddling ya fingaz. For me, after about 1 month I’mma be asking some questions….
    4. Lmbo at ya brothers!!!! This is another hard one!! You definitely don’t wanna be labeled the family member who always have a new boo thang. Just not cute!!! And for those with kids, definitely hold off on meeting the new step daddy when he really just a “friend”

    Opinions from single n mingling!


  2. Old Skule on said:

    Your brothers sound like jerks


  3. Ok so I am currently dating more then 1 man. Jay lives Out of Town n we see each other 2-3 times a year but talk daily he knows I see other men n is ok with it cuz he is so far away. Anthony lives n the same state but different city n knows about Jay. Anthony was ok wit me seeing Jay until our relationship went to the next level. Now Anthony has an issue with me dating other men he says only because he is not dating anyone else. I have found it is hard sometimes to juggle but I manage. Now about paying sometime…I think that is ok but u will find that the guy will say no so what I do is if I see something I may like for them I will buy it n give it to that guy to just show how much I appreciate them n like them.


  4. mariozac on said:

    I’m sort of in the same spot as you right now, so I understand your questions. For the most part, from a guys point of view, the guy won’t mind if you’re dating other people. I mean, he’s probably doing the same thing. No one wants to be tied down in this day and age. I would never make a woman pay for anything, ever. That’s just the kind of guy I am though hah. The dating game is tough though.


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