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Welcome to the Dirty 30!!

Happy Monday! Hope you caught the Super Bowl and Mrs. Carter’s fabulous performance. She shut it down!! Literally!!!

My team won! I adopted them upon arrival, purple is a pretty color 🙂

Today, I am welcoming my friend to the dirty thirty club!  What a tough age, you are no longer in your 20s and you are more than halfway to 50!! If you didn’t know you were an adult before; now you know! If you are still sleeping in the room that you grew up in and are holding on to the notion that you’re still finding yourself… better be found by 30! It’s so daunting… 30. As a woman if you don’t have kids, everyone makes you feel like you’re a ticking time bomb! Once my grandma asked me, what are you waiting for to be my age? No, grandma can I find a suitable mate first!

30 IS still young though, well according to people 30 and older lol. One of my other friends and I were trying to think of something crazy to do for the birthday girl. My role was mainly because she took part in making mine crazy…

Let me tell you…

My friends and my sister, unknown to me, hired a stripper for my birthday. Chocolate Thunder! Picture it… a young Wesley Snipes, with a low Gumby that had a bleached blonde bang. He came in claiming to be a cop (so cliché, should’ve been a cook) and I about lost it. I am an upstanding citizen and what the heck are you doing in my house. Are you off duty? You don’t look like any cop I’ve ever seen. Apparently I had him scured and confused. He looked at my sister very concerned and asked if he should dance. Her response, Heeelll yeah I paid you!

So the night gets funnier. I found out that he had locked his keys in the car!! My sister called AAA for him and was like, uhm my entertainment has locked his keys in the car. LMAO! Chocolate Thunder had stop his performance to get on the phone, AAA is not starting a policy for the “entertainment”! While he’s on the phone, the ladies and I are making dollar rings – his tip money- and taking photos of our hands trying to keep ourselves entertained. He gets off the phone and finishes his performance. AAA took about 45 minutes to arrive. So we just sat around, served him food, offered him wine, and quizzed him… Do you have a family? What brought you to this line of business? Were you nervous your first time? Do you have a day job? One of my friends was giving him wardrobe advice. You know, police men don’t wear… you look more like a pilot… maybe next time you should try… Hilarious!!

And to think, I invited my mom and was convincing her to come. I thought I was just having an innocent wine tasting. Revenge is coming ladies, lol.

Anyway happy birthday! 30 is not that bad, think of it as a new chapter. You may have gotten off this birthday, but there are many more to come! Can’t wait for the rewind!!


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One thought on “Welcome to the Dirty 30!!

  1. Tafaras on said:

    Too funny!


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