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Sorry You Couldn’t Reach My Standards!

EcardWelcome to the weekend!!

I’m sipping wine and reflecting.

I was interested in a man this time last year who thought that my standards were too high. That interest did not last long, about three weeks actually. If you think my standards are too high, clearly you can’t reach them. My standards are not outrageous; I don’t require much. The problem was, he was accustomed to dating low expectation women.

What did I expect from him that he couldn’t meet?

1. Honesty.  Why do I only hear from you when you are in the car? Why do you always have something to carry when you get home that requires you to get off the phone? I KNOW WHY!! You live with a woman… sure enough he did.

2. Honesty again. Why is it that you badger me to answer every question you have, but when I have a question for you, your response is,” You’re worried about the wrong thing.” I KNOW WHY!! You’re a shady individual. Dishonest people don’t trust other people, because they think everyone is as dishonest as they are.

3. Still Honesty. Why do you claim you’ve heard something, knowing you haven’t heard anything, in an attempt to have me confess something? That’s just childish.

4. Last one, honesty. Why is the same woman calling over and over to make sure you’re ok because you have a headache? His response, “She’s just a friend.” Well you’ve got some pretty good friends because my friends don’t call me multiple times to see about my headache. The best advice they have is, take an Aleeve and feel better! I tell him that she must be interested in him. His response, “I can’t help how she feels.” Hhhmm whatever you say…

I’m actually getting aggravated just writing this!  So my point, honesty is not a high standard. It’s actually the bare minimum.  You can walk up to a complete stranger and ask a question and they will likely answer you honestly.

This man felt that I was too strong because I wouldn’t tolerate his crap. Ladies, if you stop tolerating crap, I won’t have to come across men like this who are used to women just putting up with it. We teach people how to treat us and we must command the utmost respect. It is not negotiable, if you can’t respect me, you don’t deserve my time.

If you are with someone who is giving you more headache then joy; it may be time to reevaluate. IJS

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2 thoughts on “Sorry You Couldn’t Reach My Standards!

  1. Bernard on said:

    Honesty is the highest requirment in life !


  2. Natasha on said:

    Amen, I totally agree… we teach people how to treat us. So if we demand respect we will get respect.


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