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Women Love Me… Well A Woman LMAO!

Happy Wednesday!! I hope everyone had a great day!

I had an interesting online dating experience yesterday… a woman liked my photo! At first I was completely annoyed; I thought I had my profile set up wrong. I should NOT be in her search results! Then after talking about it, I realized that she probably conducted a search as a man seeking a woman. One of my friends said that if it were her, she’d be flattered. I guess I could look at it like that… I’m so hot, I’ve got them coming at me from both directions! I’m sexy and I know it, lmao! I don’t know, I just really hope this does not skew my results :-(. I’m all for diversity, but men are complicated enough!

I found an interesting read on, Modern Day Matchmaker: A 10-Step Plan for Finding a Good Date Online by Paul Carrick Brunson . Let’s see how I’m doing…

1. Think beyond “dating sites” – Well… I have been smiling more, does that count? I had a man approach me in the mall and tell me that he thought I was pretty, but I’m so clueless, I thought he was just being friendly. After an awkward pause, he walked away and I went back to eating my cinnamon pretzel. It didn’t dawn on me what happened until I told a friend… oh well, better luck next time!

2. Don’t lie – I’m always honest, well I don’t have any photos in my glasses, and I technically don’t GO to the gym three times a week… I do think about it though…

3. Move offline quickly – I don’t ask men out, so if they don’t ask, we don’t meet. Oh and I’m not willing to drive too far. There is a man that I communicate with online who lives in Bradenton. He asked me yesterday if I have ever been to the area and I said no. He then asked me what I was doing this weekend. NOT driving to Bradenton!!!

4. Reopen your account every three months – I’ll try this! Newer profiles get more matches.

5. Always ask, “What did I learn?” – I shared this in last week’s blog, E-dating 101. I learned some pretty great things!

6. Approach people – I’m not good at this online. Honestly, once I narrow by status, children, and all the other categories my pickings are pretty slim. Then I psych myself out… if they liked me, they would’ve messaged me!! I’m going to work on that.

7. User names are important – I wont share my username, but I think it’s great!!

8. It’s all about your photo – I think the woman liking my photo speaks volumes… my photo must be pretty awesome lol!

9. Stop saying, “Only crazy people use dating sites” – I don’t believe that AT ALL. My sis-in-law’s friend married a man she met online, who is the friend of a friend, convoluted, but it made me feel better.

10. Talk to Paul – the author of the article. I would LOVE to!

So, I think I’m on point!! Those of you dating online, how are you doing?

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