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My date filled weekend!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did! I’ll get to that in a sec!

Gym crush update!!! Failure to launch. Gym crush has not been in the gym :-(, maybe he’s already fell of his new year’s resolution. I really can’t talk. I’ve only been to the gym once this year AND it was only to scope out a guy! Sad, I know. Better luck in February! Who needs the gym anyway? My doctor only recommended 30 minutes of cardio a day. So technically, the walk to and from my car to my job is 10 minutes easy. Then my walk to and from the cafeteria is another 10 and I go to the cafeteria twice a day, sometimes three! When you break it down; I’m actually on point lmao. Just kidding, I’m supposed to be training for a 1/2 marathon. So three days a week is my plan. Wish me luck with that :-|. Ohh back to gym crush. An extension has been issued. Let’s give her until Friday.

On another note. I met three more men online; only one of the three I decided to meet offline. To clarify when I say “met” that means I’ve at least exchanged numbers. There’s The Traveler, The Texter, and Check In. Check In is weird, he’ll send me a text saying, “On my way to lunch” “I’m about to start studying.” Ok, why are you telling me? Did you imagine that you received a text from me? Hallucinations are not a good sign!  The Texter will not pick up the phone, even after I brought it to his attention that we’ve never spoken! Can’t take him too seriously. The Traveler is the man I met. We actually went out TWICE this weekend! He seems very nice, a gentleman, attractive, but… he doesn’t want kids! He enjoys his freedom. Sigh! Traveler, kids are mobile, they can go too!!! Although I will admit I hate traveling with my 3 year old nephew, but that’s different!! I might use old school tactics that my grandma used, not to put her blast, but you DO NOT show out and embarrass my grandma. Sure don’t!! My nephew is a good boy though, all of my nieces and nephews are. Anyway, I told him that I want kids, at least one, and the only way I won’t have kids is if I literally can’t.  That means, my eggs and my sister’s eggs lol. I mean business!

I had a really good time with The Traveler, however, I’m inclined to believe a man over a certain age who says he doesn’t want kids. So, I don’t know… We’ll see…

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