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Hello Everyone!!

Welcome to PuzzlePeace: Piecing It Together. These past two years have been an emotional journey for me…  A nearly four year relationship with the man I thought was the ONE ended. We looked at rings, we looked at venues, and I knew we were getting married… NOPE!! Devastating, I know, but hey, it happens. I’ve moved on, but I’m still waiting on my family to heal. Family, I promise there will be love and salad again lmao!! I started dating again, both offline and online, and let’s just say it’s been an interesting experience. I started training for a 1/2 marathon and the Spartan race, although I’m not sure how I feel about the Spartan race yet. I have also maintained and developed some really great friendships over the course of these years. I really don’t know how I would’ve made it through without them. Now, I’m ready for 2013 and all that is has for me. I’m still dating online, still training for the race, and just taking it all in. I’m trying to find my peace and put things together.  I’m striving to be a better and happier me!! Maybe I will find love this year, but I will definitely find peace within. I hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to comment.


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6 thoughts on “Hello Everyone!!

  1. I still miss the salads 😦


  2. Old Skule on said:

    You are right we have not healed yet. The next guy that comes along will have a huge salad bowl to fill.


  3. Darrell Wesley on said:

    I feel that 2013 will be a season of change for me as well, so here is my motto for 2013″your transformation, will lead to restoration, which will give you confirmation!!!!!


  4. It sure will, I’m sure of it!!


  5. Bobbie on said:

    Hey lovely,

    Sorry to hear about ur break up. Sounds like what u went through with my ex-fiancé and the worst part is when we broke up the first time, I got pregnant by the new guy and we broke up and the ex-fiancé stepped in and was there for me my entire pregnancy and for the first six months of my son’s life. We just grew apart I think. Like I think we were so used to being together that we were kinda together for the sake of it. There was love hit no passion of desire for each other. The most difficult part if our break up was telling my family. They had it in their head that if we ever broke up that it had to be my fault. I tried to explain that no relationship is a bed of roses and that a relationship is truly an iceberg. 2013 will definitely be a great year for us!


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