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Gym Crush

My friend, whom I call Frack, has a gym crush!!!

So there is a debate on whether women should approach men or be the first to initiate… Men are hunters, I get it!! Men like the chase, I get it! A woman approaching a man may be too forward, I get it! On the flip, I think a woman approaching a man should be flattering and sexy as hell, but what do I know, I’m not a man!!! Hey, we’re not in the 1800’s, women should be able to make the first move. Right? Am I right? I think I’m right. I went a singles retreat and the speaker said…A woman should not approach a man, if a man is interested in you, he will approach you. Ok ladies, keep waiting and let me know how that works out for you. One, the guy you lust may be oblivious to the fact that you’re interested (no offense, but men are kinda slow like that) and two if a man can’t handle being approached by a woman then he probably isn’t the one anyway. He has deeper issues and you don’t need that stress!

Back to Frack. So what to do?!?! I gave her the best advice I could. Just say hi and flash those pearlies, he will know what to do next. Hi will open up the door and let him know, hey I notice you. Of course she didn’t follow my A++ advice and now 3 weeks later, she was issued an aggressive challenge. Have his name in addition to his number, email, or Facebook In FIVE days!!! Her plan of attack… Be where he is, and whatever area of the body he’s working on, that’s what area she’s working on… ask him somethingĀ  about what he is doing, “hey is that good for upper body? I’ve been trying to blah blah blah”, do her own thing for awhile because no one likes a nuisance… Now… if she leaves first, as she passes him on her way out she thanks him for the tips and have a little idle chit chat!!! If he leaves first, hopefully he will come over to find out if his workout tips were useful. I’m excited to see how this pans out! I will keep you posted. She has FIVE days.

Any thoughts on female pursuers? Should women just sit back or speak up to get the man they want?


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3 thoughts on “Gym Crush

  1. Daughterofpromise on said:

    I can definitely see where her reservations kicked in, in not approaching him but if she’s like me, its just not that easy to be bold. I’ve never approached a guy but I think I will attempt to do it some day soon…when I see some potential. But I kinda agree, you have to go after something you want..cuz in waiting, you might mess around and be waiting forever. lol. Look forward to seeing what happens in 5 days.


  2. Ok with it! on said:

    I think the woman should be confident and give at a heck of a go!


  3. Natasha on said:

    I think a woman should speak, don’t pass up a potentially good man because you don’t want to seem desperate. In this day and age you have to go after what you want.


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